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What Is A Folding Bike?

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A folding bike is exactly what it sounds like. A bike that folds so it can be easily stored almost anywhere, it can be brought virtually anywhere you can think of with the utmost of ease.

Why Should I Buy A Folding Bike?

There isn’t one specific reason for anyone to buy a folding bike. Here are a few of the most popular reasons for buying a  folding bike.

1.  Lack of storage space.
2. Need to bring the bike on train, bus, cab, ferry etc.
3. Need a bike that can easily be brought indoors at work, home gym etc.


Where Can I Purchase A Folding Bike?

Many reputable bike shops around the globe sell  folding bikes, even if they are not in stock. You can also use the internet to find a reputable and trustworthy bike dealer that has the folding bikes.

Are The Replacement Parts For A Folding Bike Hard To Find And Expensive?

For the most part, a reputable bike dealer will be able to get you the replacement parts at a reasonable price. However, the frame, handle post and forks can be a bit more costly and harder to replace.

Are Folding Bikes Heavier Than The Average Non-Folding Bike?

The average folding bikes weigh between 19.4 pounds-27 pounds. So they are not overly heavy for the rider. We continue to find new ways to reduce the weight of our folding bikes. Some of our more expensive bikes are manufactured with titanium, carbon and aluminum alloys to reduce the weight.

Is A Folding Bike Going To Fold Up While It Is Being Ridden?

Safety is very important, and  folding bikes go through some vigorous testing to ensure the safety of the riders. The latches and the locks on a  folding bike are considered to be almost 100% fail proof and greatly reduce the chances of the bike unlatching or buckling during use. Although, precautions need to be taken by the rider to ensure the latches and locks are secured before getting on the folding bike.

Will I Be Able To Notice The Difference When I Am Riding A Folding Bike?

You should notice some differences, for example, you will not have to peddle as hard to go fast. The smaller tires gain speed faster than the larger tires used on many bikes.

What Makes Folding Bikes Better Than The Others?

Experience makes better. But if you thinking to buy a folding bike, then  the main question is what is the best folding bike on the market. Dahon has been the leading manufacturer of folding bikes in the world. As a matter of fact, 95% of the folding bikes on the market today are made with the technology Dahon pioneered. You can go for any Dahon folding bike to buy.