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The Loose Impediments on the golf course refers to natural objects like twigs, stones and leaves. But these should not be fixed or growing, or embedded or sticking to the ball. The Obstructions refer to man-made objects on the course, excluding objects which are out of bounds, or an immovable man-made object or a part of it which is out of bounds. It will also not include any construction which has been declared by the Committee in its Local Rules that it is an integral part of the golf course.

Casual Water refers to any kind of accumulation of water on the course which is temporary in nature but visible before or even after the player has taken his stance. Do note that dew and frost will not be considered as casual water here. The Ground Under Repair will be any portion of the course that has been so marked by the Committee in its local rules. This will also include all the material that has been piled up for removal as well as a hole that has been made by a green-keeper, even if it not so marked.


General Rules

Before you commence your round of golf, you must make sure that you have read the local rules that will be printed on your score card. You must always put an identification mark on your ball. This is because most of the golfers around you will be playing with the same brand of ball. This means that if you are not able to identify your ball, it will be lost. You need to count your clubs before you come for play. You are allowed to bring in a maximum of 14 clubs for a game of golf.

While you are playing your round, never ask for any kind of “advice” from anyone. But you can ask your partner or caddie. In the same way, never give advice to any other player except to your partner.During a hole you are not supposed to be playing a practice stroke.

You are required to tee off between the tee-markers and not in front of them. You are allowed to tee off and it can be up to two club-lengths behind the line of those tee-markers. Do note that in a match play there is no penalty in case you go off area. It can happen that your opponent asks you to play your stroke again. If you are in stroke play then you will incur a two-stroke penalty. Now you must play from within the proper area in order to get back into the game. Click here for more information about golf.

You have to play the ball as it lies. This means that you cannot move the ball in any way before you play it. You cannot improve your lie in any way. You cannot even change the area of your intended swing or even your line of play. This means that you cannot move, bend or break anything that is fixed or growing. But you can fairly take your stance or even make your swing. But you cannot press anything down nor can you build a stance.

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